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When it comes to speaking to and leading Christian business and marketplace leaders about faith in the workplace, Ray Hilbert is uniquely qualified and experienced.



Ray accepts a very limited number of corporate speaking engagement each year. His keynote presentations to business leaders focus in the areas of work/life balance, developing a higher calling and purpose for work/career, and the integration of work and faith. 

Ray has developed several keynote presentations as shown below. 

Additionally, in select scenarios, Ray is open to developing a customized presentation for your company / organization.


Speaking Topics


The Greatest Danger Facing Every Leader

In this compelling presentation, Ray draws upon his decades of experience in working with high capacity high performance leaders- identifying the single greatest factor that has the potential to lead to their downfall.


6 Keys to Personal and Professional Success

Each topic available as Keynote Presentation or 1/2 day or Full Day Seminar for all topics

This presentation is based on the key elements in Ray's International Best Selling book The Janitor. Ray provides an overview of the six principles that help audience participants experience true personal and professional success and peace.


1. Pass It Around

2. Invest Don't Spend

3. Leave A Legacy

4. Recharge Vs. Discharge

5. Pray Don't Pout

6. View Family As A Blessing


12 Words That Will Change Your Life & Work Forever

In this gripping and powerful presentation, Ray shares a model for living and leading at a higher level. Guiding audience members thru a model for leading with authentic integrity, Ray teaches these twelve words that transform leaders. 

nothing to hide
nothing to lose
- nothing to prove

- nothing to fear

Imagine conducting business and living life in such a way where complete transparency, combined with total authenticity are the rule.  Think what it would be like to interact personally and professionally without the wearing of masks, with no need to "pose" or posture ones self in any way other than 100% integrity.


  Understanding God's Plan & Calling for Your Work/Career

Ray guides the audience through an in-depth teaching on a Biblical perspective of why God created work as a holy thing, and how we are to serve God in and through our work.

A unique connection is made in the presentation between how we view our work vs. how we treat our families.  This is demonstrated through a set of two fictional characters: Bored Bill/Bored Betty vs. Fulfilled Fred/Fulfilled Freida.  One sees work as part of their calling from God and one who simply works for the income. We will then analyze the impact of each one's perspective on their families and those around them. 

In addition to helping participants develop a better understanding of God's calling for them in the marketplace, this segment helps participants develop a life purpose and work purpose statement. It teaches how to live a more significant and eternally meaningful life.


  Developing Your Personal World Changing Legacy

Too many people wake up each day without a clear picture of what success looks like- for that day, and for their life as well.  With no real sense of direction, leaders find themselves wandering from assignment to assignment, job to job, relationship to relationship.

As Ray puts it, "More people spend more time planning their next vacation then they do their entire lives."

In this presentation, Ray guides participants through a succinct and effective model for developing a Personal Mission Statement- thus providing the framework for living out a world changing legacy.

This presentation has helped countless leaders live and lead with a higher sense of  meaning, purpose, and urgency.


Operationalizing Your Organizational Core Values

Available in half day or full day workshop format only- and packaged with team coaching

Nearly every company /organization has Core Values. All too often, however, they end up as good sounding words on a page or poster that are never actually lived out in the day to day operations of the organization.

In this interactive and highly engaging workshop, Ray helps leaders and leadership teams discover:

  1. Why Core Values Alone Are Not Enough
  2. Clarifying /Establishing Your Company Core Values 
  3. Create “We Believe” Statements That Bring Your Core Values To Life
  4. Create & Communicate Company “Rituals”  To Establish Consistency & Expectations
  5. Create “We Believe” Section On Website & Collaterals


 6 Keys To Living Out Your Faith In The Marketplace

EVERY follower of Jesus has an incredible opportunity and responsibility to impact people for Christ every day. Employees, co-workers, customers, vendors, and even competitors in business need to encounter genuine Christianity being lived out by authentic followers of Christ. Statistics show that at least 70% of all working Americans do not regularly attend church, and therefore they do not actively engage in a spiritual community to help them address their challenges and life issues. This means a perfect marketplace mission field exists for all of us - right there, every day at work.

In this presentation,. Ray guides the audience through six practical and effective tools and strategies to effectively share their faith in the context of their work.

  1. Conducting Work With Excellence
  2. Sharing Our Faith In The Context Of Workplace Relationships
  3. Maintaining A Positive Attitude In The Midst Of Difficult Working Circumstances
  4. Avoiding A Critical Spirit At Work
  5. Demonstrating Servant Leadership
  6. Understanding Biblical Application Of Workplace Principles


view family as a blessing - not a burden