Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Coaching with RAY?

  • A highly individual and customized approach to personal and professional growth and development
  • A “safe” and confidential place where top leaders can be real and “lay it all out on the table”
  • A process where a top leader will be deeply challenged-asked tough questions- and held accountable for growth and change
  • Focused time on a regular basis to focus on what is really important at work and all areas of life
  • An environment of personal accountability to and process to set and hit personal and professional goals


Why Business Owners & CEOs Hire Ray:

  • He has over 20 years experiencing coaching owners and CEOs of privately held companies
  • He brings best practices and experiences from a wide variety of industries and circumstances
  • They often have no place where they can real and transparent-without penalty or consequence
  • They often feel lonely leading the company and need a trusted confidant 
  • They want improved professional and personal performance
  • They understand the best way to grow their companies is to grow themselves


Why High Performance Leaders Hire Ray:

  • They want more out of life.
  • They want improved professional and personal performance.
  • They want to grow as individuals.
  • They want quicker results than they would accomplish on their own.
  • They need a “safe” environment to dream and plan.
  • They understand the best investment they can ever make is one that leads to personal growth and development.


Why do companies hire RAY to coach their top executives and leaders?

  • Ray helps top executives and leaders develop clear goals.
  • Companies realize that a well-balanced employee performs better on the job
  • Ray specializes in helping people balance the ever-increasing demands of their personal and professional lives.
  • Ray helps top leaders identify key areas of needed growth/improvement.
  • Ray offers top executives and leaders a "safe" and "unbiased" environment to plan, dream, develop, and grow, both personally and professionally.  
  • A valuable employee is more than one that simply performs well on the job.  A top leader being coached by Ray will find greater personal satisfaction both on and off the job.  


What Should I Expect If Ray Is My Coach?

  • You will not be judged
  • You will be listened to
  • You will be challenged through tough questions
  • You will be held accountable to commitments that you make in the coaching process
  • You will experience personal-professional- and spiritual growth
  • You will gain fresh insight and perspective on your life and leadership


What Does It Cost For Ray To Coach Me?

Investment and pricing is determined after a potential coaching candidate has completed a Coaching Client Application and Assessment, and completed a personal interview with Ray

  • Every potential coaching client must complete a Coaching Client Application and Assessment.
  • Upon completion of the Coaching Client Application and Assessment, every candidate will participate in an individual personal interview with Ray