my Personal Core Values


It is ALWAYS about people- and remembering EVERY person is created by God with dignity, purpose, and meaning- keeping in mind that while EVERY person is equal in the eyes of God- NOT every person is equally STRATEGIC to invest in for what God is calling ME to do and be.

  • I will therefore be kind, generous, respectful and loving to every person I meet
  • I will therefore invest time, talent, and treasure in those who are in alignment with what God is calling me to be and do, using my talents, gifts, and passion



I hate masks. I will be real with you- and hope that you can grow to trust me enough to be real with me too. I will not punish or hold against others, anything they share with me in a spirit of authenticity.  I want to live with Nothing To Hide-Nothing To Prove-Nothing To Lose- Nothing To Fear, and give others permission and freedom to live the same.



I will take risks in relationships that are important to me. I will share what is truly on my heart- in a way that is loving- yet to the point. I know that in the area of relationships- the “good fruit is always out at the end of the shaky branch.”



I am jacked up- and so are you- so let’s work thru our flaws and brokenness together and become all that we have been created to be.



I understand that perfection is the enemy of excellence-knowing I am always “playing to an audience of one.” I will therefore do my best- even when no one is looking. If it is important enough to invest my limited time and resources in- it is worth “leaving it all on the field.”


Economy Of Abundance

God will always give me exactly what I need, when I need it, and I will always have access to the resources, assets, and people to do what God is calling me to do. There is enough of His provision to go around- so I am not competing against anyone for anything-including reputation or provision.