The janitor

In this fable, janitor Bob Tidwell helps Roger to reevaluate how he is leading his business and his life. Bob's counsel is based upon six principles that Todd and coauthor Ray Hilbert discovered have the most impact on succeeding in business while holding together a personal life. Their insightful advice is delivered in a real-to-life story that inspires you to find greater fulfillment in your life.


The carrot chaser

The Carrot Chaser is a thrilling, heart warming story of how to follow God in a busy world! Matthew Swift is a young, brash and arrogant executive who seemingly has it all. But his world is about to come crashing down. His disregard for the people around him and his unscrupulous business practices have cost him everything. In this inspirational business fable, Matthew finds true love and discovers four keys to real and true success - keys that you can use in your own life.

author Ray hilbert

Ray Hilbert is the CEO and Co-Founder of Truth At Work, a non-profit organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana that specializes in working with business owners and leaders helping them build and operate their businesses on proven biblical principles. He travels across America speaking to organizations and churches-equipping people to serve God in and through their work.