A Word From Ray:

I am not sure how you found me- though it is quite possible you were personally referred to me by someone we both know- perhaps from one of my coaching clients, or you have heard about my keynote speaking and training for companies, churches, or organizations.

In any case, whether you were referred to me, or on the outside chance you stumbled upon my website, let me share a few thoughts….

I love working with high capacity, high impact leaders. They have the greatest platform for bringing about transformation in their companies and organizations- and they have an opportunity to demonstrate servant leadership to those they are called to lead. 

In my coaching and speaking career over the past 20 years, I have learned that the most successful leaders need a trusted and neutral confidant to challenge them with new insights and ideas, listen to them- to observe their leadership- to offer them candid and direct input and feedback -and to ask difficult and provocative questions. 

I am very selective in who I personally coach and the organizations to whom I speak- we simply MUST be a fit for one another- and I only work with a very limited number of clients at any given time.

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I only agree to coach and work with leaders who:

-       Are high capacity and high impact with significant influence 

-       Understand that true success is found by investing in growth in all key areas of life- Business-Personal-Spiritual

-       Are equally concerned with being a great spouse, parent, and friend to others

-       Are truly open to transformational and authentic conversations in a safe and neutral environment with a coach who is not afraid to be candid and challenge them

If this is you….let’s connect…


Find faith in your nine-to-five

As a best-selling author, speaker, and coach, Ray Hilbert is uniquely qualified to speak to the issues of faith integration and business ethics, principles, and practices. He works internationally with CEOs, executives, and leaders, equipping them to build stronger organizations while integrating faith into corporate culture and daily business principles.

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Ray Hilbert is a highly sought after speaker at churches and retreats focus on Christian business and marketplace leaders.

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For more than 20 years, Ray has coached over 1000 business owners/executives in a variety of industries.

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The Janitor

This international best-selling book has been enjoyed by over 1 million people and is published in 8 languages.

The book's message will capture your mind and heart; stimulate meaningful, lasting life-changes; and show you how to influence your family, neighbors, and coworkers while experiencing business and life to the fullest.


The Carrot Chaser

The Carrot Chaser is a thrilling, heart warming story of how to follow God in a busy world! In this inspirational business fable, learn four keys to real and true success that you can use in your own life.



In his role as Co Founder of Truth At Work, Ray travels the country interviewing some of America’s top Christian CEOs, business owners, corporate executives, athletic coaches and personalities, authors, and thought leaders.

This weekly 30 minute podcast provides a unique look at how high capacity Christian leaders live out their faith in the marketplace, how their faith influences how they deal with the issues they face as leaders, and how they address all the demands they face.